Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Joker Collection

This site displays my collection of playing card jokers (and a few other joker images). As of July 2010 I have about 440 distinct jokers. 

[Clicking on "View All" under the slideshow to the right will bring you to a Photobucket album, where you can peruse at your own pace]

I've long been astonished at the great variety of design of jokers, and I invite you to get a sense of that here. Many of them are simple, but others are quite beautiful. Most evoke some sense of mischief or silliness, which I find charming. Many are depictions of jesters or fools, who, though primarily entertainers, had the right - and sometimes the wisdom - to speak the unpopular truth.

Some of the jokers are similar, but they all have clear uniquenesses, either in color, size, text, or design. Many decks include 2 or even 3 distinct jokers, each of which I display separately. But I do not consider the black and white version of a colored (often red) design a different joker. In that case, I usually count and display the red version only.

I'm proud of the size of this collection, but I know it is small compared to some. I'm always looking to make it bigger and more interesting. If you have any you'd like to contribute, I will include a nice message on this blog about you. I also have a number of "extra" jokers I'd like to trade for some I don't have.  [They are viewable in the slideshow below right. Please email me if you would like to trade] 

In addition, as you might imagine, I'm "blessed with" many many decks of cards that I have no use for. If anyone collects other cards (such as aces of spades), or simply needs a deck or two, and can pay shipping, I'd be glad to offer them.

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