Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jokers make great gifts!

There are so many wonderful jokers out there that I have not been able to purchase!

For example: The Heritage Playing Card Company makes a whole set of gorgeous decks on various themes.

You can find them at As of now, I own:

Wild Flowers
Backyard Birds
Exotic Birds
Insects & Spiders
Fruits of the World
Butterflies of the World
Asian Animals
African Animals
Cats of the World (3/11)
Horses & Ponies of the World (5/11)
Classic Roses (6/11)
Heritage of Scotland

Additionally, Piatnik makes an amazing number of absolutely gorgeous cards, and decks usually contain 3 rather than just 2 jokers!

And take a look at the "luxury cards".

To date, I only have
Rococo (No. 213045)*    [deluxe]
The American Civil War (No. 1475)
Ukiyo-E (No. 110412)
Mucha Paintings (No. 110313)
art detail (No. 114915)
the Nude (No. 1129)


Finally, U.S. Games Systems has some nice cards, too.

I've only collected 4 of the decks in the "Natural World" series:

Trees of the World
Birds of Prey of the World
Wildflowers of the World
Freshwater Fish of the World

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